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Tech Lead (PHP)

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Agility is Our DNA I We Take Ownership, We Take Risks, We Keep It Real

At Scale Final we develop software solutions for marketers, including a SaaS tracking platform, CRM systems for streamlining social network workflows, and a comprehensive mass marketing service. Additionally, we execute various marketing strategies, encompassing SEO, Affiliate marketing, Email campaigns, and more. Our expertise extends to building solutions for both clients and our own endeavors.

With Agile We Meet Ikigai

We are flexible: Our primary focus is on achieving results. Plans, processes, and strategies can be adjusted on the fly.

We take ownership: We’re the ones setting the direction, all in pursuit of what’s best for the project.

We keep it real: Honesty and consistency are the only way at Scale Final.

We take risks: We embrace the meh moments. Sometimes they’re just warm-ups for the yum ones.

We are non-stop learners: We are geeks for workhacks to reflect and reinvent our daily grind.

We progress one step at a time: We divide projects into smaller, manageable parts to consistently achieve the required outcomes.

Does this resonate with you? Take a look below to see who we’re currently seeking.


  • Minimum of 3 years of experience as a Full-stack developer.
  • Basic understanding of DevOps principles, including purchasing and installing servers.
  • Proficiency in PHP is essential.
  • Familiarity with Node.js, Golang, Angular, and React is advantageous.
  • Previous experience in a web studio in a similar role is a bonus.
  • Experience in managing a team of 5-10 people is beneficial.

Main responsibilities:

  • Handling operational tasks and providing technical guidance to the Media Buying team.

We offer:

  • Continuous opportunities for professional development.
  • Regular performance evaluations.
  • Team building activities and English language classes.
  • 21 vacation days and 7 sick leave days without requiring a doctor’s note per year.
  • Gym membership reimbursement.
  • Medical insurance coverage.

We’re seeking mindful players with an entrepreneurial mindset. And once we find them, we’re committed to standing by their side, no matter what. 

We value people before their positions. Their passions can change and evolve, and we always find the best way to align with their new energy. 

Growth is Our #1 Priority. Work is personal. Personal means growth. Growth leads to prosperity.


Does it feel like a match for you? If yes, drop us a message, and we’ll take it from there (don’t forget to attach your CV :). 

If the position only partially feels like you but you share the same values and vibe, get in touch anyway. We can figure something out.

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And we go from there. It's an opportunity for us to get to know each other better. We're always on the lookout for exceptional individuals who align with our values. Join our community and stay updated on the latest developments at Scale Final.

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